Short Tales

...a winter tale ...



... the rest is silence.

Rapsody In Blue


PS: … a csend hangja hangosan csendűl a hangtalan csend csöndes hangzásában. A hang cseng, a csend csak csöndes és hangtalan… Csengve hangoskodik a csönd, de csak csöndesen cseng már a hang… a csend felhangzik, a hang felcsendül s a hangtalan csöndre a válasz a … visszhang… hang.

Thoughts and Glances


Nightmare Of Mine


After screening the entries in the 71st International Photographic Salon (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun and the All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies with support from Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc.), the Screening Committee has selected a total of 130 works, comprised of 80 from overseas and 50 from within Japan, including six special prize winners (three from overseas and three from Japan). There were 4,954 entries from 40 countries, with the greatest number from India (1,371 entries). Together with the 3,676 entries from within Japan, a total of 8,630 entries were received. The works were judged by a 12-member panel led by photographer Takeyoshi Tanuma.

One of my photo was accepted and I was given a Honorable Mention! I know, it sounds like a brag, but this thing means a lot to me, right now.

Heidelberg - Panorama

Heldelberg, 30.12.2010


Urarea mea pentru toți nici pentru anul 2011 nu s-a schimbat... :

An Nou Fericit!
Sănătate și Profit!

ZOO Portraits